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Therasorb–Algi Plus Hydrophilic Dressing (10x10x0.5cm)

Therasorb–Algi Plus Hydrophilic Dressing (10x10x0.5cm)
Therasorb–Algi Plus Hydrophilic Dressing (10x10x0.5cm)
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  • Model: Therasorb–Algi Plus Hydrophilic Dressing (10x10x0.5cm)
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Therasorb – Algi Plus Hydrophilic Dressing

(Medical Device Registration No.: GC173043716)

Packing: 10pcs/box

Size: 10 x 10 x

It is a hybrid of both alginate and polyurethane foam dressings. Alginate interacts with blood in the wound to form alginate-blood gel and exchanges ions with exudation in the wound to stop bleeding quickly.

. It consists of alginic acid which is produced from alginate brown seaweed.

. Alginate can absorb exudates 15-20 times of its molecular weight.

. Leg ulcers, bedsores or surgical wounds (abrasions, burns , bruises, wounds of operation, bedsores, tissue grafting,  full-thickness wounds that have an excessive / severely amount of exudates / bleeding)

. No secondary tissue damage /pain when changed or removed. Prevents secondary infection from bacteria because of excellent water proofing.

. It’s thin, transparent membrane type film maintains appropriate humidity levels by blocking water & germs and allowing air to pass through (making the wound heal quickly & prevents formation of scabs)