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EUBOS SENSITIVE SHOWER OIL 200ml, LOTION 200ml and HAND CREAM 75ml (Premium Gift - Pack of 3)

EUBOS SENSITIVE SHOWER OIL 200ml, LOTION 200ml and HAND CREAM 75ml  (Premium Gift - Pack of 3)
EUBOS SENSITIVE SHOWER OIL 200ml, LOTION 200ml and HAND CREAM 75ml (Premium Gift - Pack of 3)
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Packing: 200ML


This mild Cleanser Protects the skin's natural biosphere from Head to Toe. 

Suitable for all types of Sensitive, Dry Skin and Problem Skin

Recommended for persons diagnosed as having particularly dry and sensitive skin.


SENSITIVE CARE SHOWER OIL for gentle cleaning of sensitive and dry skin.

- Base on very mild washing of raw materials.  Developed according to dermatological findings.

- With nourishing, moisturizing components such as Almond Oil, Soybean Oil, Safflower Oil, and Chamomile extract, Bisabolol has a skin-soothing and itching-relieving effect.

- Lipid-donating oils strengthen the skin’s natural biosphere and protect against drying out.



Step 1: EUBOS Sensitive Care Shower Oil  

Shake gently before use, apply Shower Oil thoroughly on damp skin, and leave it on for a few minutes to experience the maximum effect.  

Then rinse off with lukewarm water.  Pat dry, then apply Step 2: EUBOS Sensitive Care Lotion Dermo Protective to the whole body.  

Replenish hydration level and it also reduces skin roughness as well as fold depth.

Free for Paraben, PEG, Dry, Lanoline, and Alkaline Soap

Packing: 200ML

Step 2:

A body care lotion that moisturizes, protects, and repairs skin.  It Enhances skin hydration and has a soothing velvety effect. Infused with selected natural oils and enhanced

with Avacado, Shea Fruits, Allantoin, and Vitamin E. Regular application will strengthen the skin’s natural defense system and support skin growth. Ideal for sensitive and very dry skin.

Use after shower and after sun exposure to reap the full hydration benefits of this healing lotion.



EUBOS Sensitive LOTION DERMO PROTECTIVE is the effective dermatological care for sensitive and dry skin from the EUBOS research. It is recommended for daily


Eubos Hand Repair & Care Cream is an oil in water emulsion.

Regenerate and protects delicate skin. With biomimetic moisturizing ingredients plus multi-active vitamin complex with pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E, Amino-acids, Urea, Rosewater and Glycerol, Allantoin and nourishing additives protect the natural biosphere,  prevent rough, brittle and chapped skin felt soft and supple.

 The fine, non-greasy and water repellant protective film from dimethicone protects the hands from harmful environmental conditions and stresses. 

 Without colorants and PEG-containing emulsifiers; paraffin-free and with Physiological pH value,  EUBOS Hand Repair & Care Cream is dermatologically confirmed to be superior in skin tolerance and efficacy even for dry and sensitive skin.

A regular, daily application results in well-groomed velvet-soft hands.

Proven results in 7 days!

  • Accelerated healing of surfactant damaged skin surfaces in 7 days
  • Smoothing effects of  up to 26% in 28 days
  • Enhanced protection that lasts for up to 24 hours 

Direction: Rub a small amount into your hands. Use daily to keep the skin on your hands soft and healthy.