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EUBOS Facial Cream Jar 50ml x 2 Jars

EUBOS Facial Cream Jar  50ml x 2 Jars
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EUBOS Facial Cream Jar 50ml x 2 Jars
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  • Model: EUBOS Cr Jar 50ml x 2 Jars
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Facial Cream for all skin types, nourishing; hydrinating, regenerating treatment for Day & Night.

Preserves elasticity, slows down wrinkles, does not block the pores. 

Eubos Cream is a water-in-oil containing choice vegetable oil with a high proportion of unsaturated fattt acids, Vitamin E,

Allantoine and Panthenol.  It maintains the tone of skin, improves its elasticity and makes it smooth and supple. 

EUBOS Cream equilibrates the skin's natural biosphere, thus reinforcing its resistance against drying out,

scaling and harmful environmental influences.

Dermologically tested.

-Paraben Free  ,  -PEG Free ,  -Dye Free,  -Lanolin free.