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Promotion Urea Shampoox2 GWP Urea HandCream

Promotion Urea Shampoox2 GWP Urea HandCream
Promotion Urea Shampoox2 GWP Urea HandCream
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Eubos Urea 5% Shampoo 200ml

Mild care-providing cleansing for dry, itching scalpb and dameged hair. With the skin’s own 

moisture binding urea, panthenol, oligofrustose and sea minerals. Alleviates itching, protects skin and hair from drying out, has a lipid replenishing and soothing effect. 

Eubos Urea 5% Hand Cream 75ml

Intensively moisturizing care for very dry, rough and chapped hands. Rapidly absorbable, non-oily O/W emulsion with shea butter and vitamin complex for daily use. Provides the skin with long-lasting moisture and valuable lipids, helps to preserve from damaging exogenous influences and leads demonstrably to a significant improvement of the skin condition. Already after few application, even very dry, rough hands become perceptibly smoother and suppler.

Perfume free / colorant free / lanolin free