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DENTISTE' Oral Rinse_450ml

DENTISTE' Oral Rinse_450ml
DENTISTE' Oral Rinse_450ml
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Dentiste' Oral Rinse_50ml

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Packing: 450ml/bottle

DENTISTE' Oral Rinse has a special pH balanced formula and uses OPTA FLOW Technology for boosting self cleansing Salivary flow, which helps reduce bacterial deposit, protect the gum and moisturise the mouth naturally to prevent dry mouth for long lasting fresh breath.

  • Active Natural Extracts : Antiseptic and Antibacterial to help inhibit the growth of bacteria for immediate & long-lasting fresh breath.
  • Exclusive Self-Cleansing Saliva Flow Enhancing formula : Increases Self-Cleansing Salivary Flow to help clean and reduce bacterial deposit for long-lasting fresh breath and dry mouth prevention.
  • CDX : Trapping Volatile Sulphur Compound, the cause of bad breath.
  •  Xylitol : Natural taste enhancer that bacteria cannot feed on.
  • pH Balance : Helps boost Natural Tooth Re-mineralization, bringing minerals back to the teeth, thus reducing the chance of having tooth erosion, whiten and strengthen the teeth