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Kingers Medicated PlasterMAL 21086015XCPacking: 30 Pouches/ Carton (10 Patches (6 x 4.2 cm) / Pouch)– For symptomatic relief of muscular, joint aches and pains, backache, sprains, shoulder aches, and stiff neck.– Untuk melegakan simtom sakit otot dan sendi, sakit belakang, seliuh, sakit bahu dan leh..
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Innolac Probiotics Supplement (3 boxes in 1 bundle)KKLIU: 0682/2021MAL15045103NPacking: 30 sachets/ boxBonus Gift: Nylon Drawstring Bag x1..
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Brand: Dentiste'
Dentiste' Oral Care Trave Kit  x2 Sets(Dentiste' Oral Rinse 50ml x2 bottles, Dentiste' Nighttime Toothpaste 50g x2 tubes, Dentiste' Italy Toothbrush x2 pcsDentiste' Oral Rinse_50ml x2 bottlesItem Code: 705309Packing: 50ml/bottleDENTISTE' Oral Rinse has a special pH balanced formula and uses OPT..
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DENTISTE' Plus White Nighttime Sensitive Toothpaste with pump dispenser_120g  (x2 bottles) DENTISTE' Plus White Nighttime Sensitive Toothpaste with pump dispenser_120g  (x2 bottles)
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Dentiste' Plus White Nighttime Sensitive Toothpaste with pump dispenser  (x2 bottles)Item Code: 704115Packing: 120g/pump100% SLS Free  / Helps reduce plaque, carries, cavities / Anti-sensitive Action / Gentle on tooth enamel, safely cleans / Nighttime Pro..
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Brand: Lion Ball
Lion Ball_Corn Remover Solution 20%MAL15065025XCPacking: 2 Bottles x 15ml/ BundleFunctions: For the treatment of corns, warts and callouses..
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Kingers Ginger Plus Detox Foot Patch   (20 Pouches/per Box) MAL Reg: MAL22126165TCPacking: 20 pouches/box ( 2 patches in one pouch )(5g x 2 pads /pouch)Indication: Traditionally used for general health. 传统使用于促进健康Use instruction: For adults only apply 1 patch on each sole of the f..
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Kingers Bamboo Plus Detox Foot Patch  ( 40 pads - 20 Pouches / Box )
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Kingers Bamboo Plus Detox Foot PatchMAL Reg: MAL18076038TCPacking : 20 Pouches / Box ( 2 Pads in one Pouch )( 5g x 2 Pads / Pouch )Use instruction: For adult-only apply 1patch on each sole of the foot before bedtime. Use an adhesive sheet to fix the sachet firmly on the foot. Leave overnight, Peel o..
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Brand: Oralmedia
ORALMEDIC Mouth Ulcer GelStop mouth ulcer pain in seconds Works with just one application FDA & MHRA approved *Patent Technology Function: ORALMEDIC Mouth Ulcer Gel provides fast healing and effective relief from the pain and discomfort of oral mouth ulcer with only one treatment..
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INNOLAC Probiotic Oral PowderDaily Health Supplement Protect your Immune Health with Innolac Probiotics + Prebiotic Powder..
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