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Sensitive Skin Care

Brand: EUBOS
EUBOS Shampoo Dermo-Protective For Sensitive and Dry Scalp 150mlMild cleansing and care for sensitive and dry scalp. Suited for all hair types. Effective conditioning agents strengthen and protect even damaged hair. Actives like Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), Wheat Protein and moisturizing factors prot..
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Brand: EUBOS
Long Lasting Invisible Gloves for Intensive Protection, Regenerates,Moisturizes,Softens, Protects, Dry, Chapped Hands.(Dye-free, Lanolin-free, PEG-free, Paraben-free)EUBOS Sensitive Hand Repair & Care   Packing:75mlEubos Hand Repair & Care Cream is an oil in water emulsio..
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EUBOS Sensitive Shower Oil F Miniature - 30mlMildly cleanses while intensively replenishing lipids to protect the natural biosphere of the skin from head to toe. Contains natural oils and chamomile extract which are dermatologically proven to ensure very mild cleansing and care for sensitive, very d..
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Healthier, more Radiant Skin All Day LongIdeal Shower Oil protects the skin’s natural biosphere from head to toe. EUBOS Sensitive SHOWER OIL F (Step-1)    Packing: 200mlthis mild cleanser protects the skin’s natural biosphere from head to toe. Recommended for persons diagnosed as havi..
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Brand: EUBOS
Replenishes Skin’s Moisture After SportsCleanses, creams and cares all in one.2 in 1 Refreshing & Moisturizing Cleanser for Rehydration of Dry Skin Daily & After Sports.EUBOS Sensitive Shower & Cream is for daily mild cleansing, particularly of dehydrated skin. Cleanses carefully while p..
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EUBOS SENSITIVE SHOWER & CREAM (AFTER SPORTS CLEANSER)EUBOS Sensitive Shower & Cream    Packing: 200mlCleanses, creams and cares all in one.   2 in 1 Refreshing & Moisturizing Cleanser for Dehydration of Dry Skin Daily & After Sports.(Alkaline and Soap-free, ..
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ENHANCES SKIN HYDRATION AND HAS A SOOTHING VELVETY EFFECT.EUBOS Sensitive Lotion Derma-Protective (Body Lotion)   Packing: 200mlA body care lotion that moisturizes, protects and repairs skin.  It Enhances skin hydration and has a soothing velvety effect. Infused with selected natural ..
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