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Is an Importer and Distributor of Pharmaceutical and Health Care products since 1983.

We have been marketing and selling various ranges of EUBOS Skin Care products manufactured by Dr Hobein GmbH, from Germany to Clinics, Hospitals, Wholesale and Retail Pharmacies in West and East Malaysia, for more than 26 years with passion and dedlication.

EUBOS Skin Care products are scientifically formulated with proven effective dermatological ingredients to Cleanse, Nourish , Protect and Enhance healthy skin.


Skin Care Products from Germany EUBOS from Germany is the Registered Trade Mark of Dr Hobein Gmbh Company which was founded in 1930. The company has accumulated more than eighty years in Dermatological skin care experience expertise

EUBOS research team develops a neutral soap-free cleanser, which thoroughly cleanses skin with out affecting the protective layer of skin. EUBOS Solid and liquid cleanser successfully replace traditional soap or detergent which wash away sebum. The various series of skin care products are mainly made from natural ingredients, By virtue of professionalism and persistence, EUBOS skin care products are sold in more than twenty thousand German grug store channels and in more than thirty countries globally. EUBSO skin care products have been awarded Stiftung Warentest and Oktest , the best known German consumer protection organization on quality and fairness, EUBOS skin care products have also been endorsed by the German Pharmacists Association to be the best skin care.


includes cleansing and care products for every skin type: impure and combination skin, normal and dry skin. The proven dermatological active ingredients protect the biosphere of the skin and provide emollient and moisture.


is designed specifically for sensitive dry, easily irritable skin. The selected active ingredients soothe the skin and strengthen its resistance. All products are proven to have a regenerating and protective effect. They supply dry skin with intense moisture and selected emollients. For each skin type: The perfect care for healthy skin.


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